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Thrive Functional Medicine Wellness Program

A Personalized Approach To Creating Health & Vitality

Thrive Medical Wellness Programs are medically-supervised health and wellness optimization programs that fall outside private medical insurance coverage. It is a private, education-based program that teaches you how to approach your health through the functional medicine paradigm. It is designed to promote healthier personal habits to achieve optimal health.

Take Control Of Your Life - Functional Medicine

Conditions Addressed By Our Wellness Programs:

» Peri and Post-menopausal symptoms

» Hormone Imbalances

» Weight gain and Slowed Metabolism

» Fatigue, Low Energy, Low Libido

» Optimize fertility

» Preconception preparation

» Breast cancer prevention

» Cancer after care

» Endometriosis, Fibroids

» Heavy periods, PCOS, Period irregularity

» Mood instability, PMS, depression, anxiety


Anita Sadaty - Functional Medicine

Our customized program addresess the underlying cause of symptoms by first correcting the environmental, nutritional and lifestyle stressors that are the cause of most chronic conditions. By using nutrition, lifestyle modifications, professional grade supplementation and, if necessary, prescription medications, we support the body's internal healing process to create health and vitality.
                                   —Dr. Sadaty



Thrive Patient Forms

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What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine focuses on identifying the root cause of hormonal imbalance and disease instead of focusing on symptom reduction alone. There are six important elements:


Treats symptoms by addressing the root of the problem, which leads to more profound, longer lasting results.

Holistic, Patient Centered:

Treats the body as part of an interconnected whole. Functionally-trained practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their individual histories and looking at their unique genetic make-up, personal environmental exposures and lifestyle factors that can impact their health.


Science-based programs that focus on underlying imbalances and then prevention through nutrition, diet and exercise.


Personalized treatment programs based on in-depth diagnostic testing using nutritional therapies, botanically-based supplements and lifestyle interventions as primary treatment.


Nutritional and lifestyle interventions as a first step instead of drugs or surgical treatments that carry greater risks.


Combines the best of conventional and alternative medical practices to achieve health and balance.


Why Can't I Feel Better?

Why Can't I Feel Better?

» Have you been told that "everything is normal" - yet you are not feeling healthy or hormonally balanced?

» Have you been prescribed multiple medications to deal with your symptoms that continue to get worse, or are no longer responding to medications prescribed?

» Are you looking for a more natural approach to healing and well-being that will create long-lasting health?

» Are you looking for a more integrated, personalized approach to disease resolution and health optimization?

» Are you at risk for certain diseases and wish to prevent them from affecting your health?

Three Steps To Better Health - The Case Review

Program Costs

» Costs are based on time spent in consultation.$125 (15 minutes); $250 (30 min.); $500 (60 min.)

» Additional Costs: Functional Lab Testing Fees and Supplements (based on program and individual requirements).

» Insurance Coverage: These wellness programs are not covered by medical insurance. However, some lab and blood work may be covered according to your private insurance plan.

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